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7X Solutions is the creative, experimental and innovative organisation platform for Development & Support in the area of software based on FOS (Functional Objects Specifications and Metaprogramming). With metaprogramming a lot of functionality is not hardcoded in the software but defined in the database which makes it very flexible and customizable.

Windows Platforms, SQLserver & Visual Basic/Assembler

Mobile Phone Platforms : Android, Windows Mobile, Java supporting iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia and many other defacto mobile phone brands

Member of : Intel Development Program, mmDev Program, Apple Developer

Official Developer of : iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.



As 7X Solutions is a modern organisation it is also possible to aquire Functional Object Specifications  from parts of systems (i.e. Functional Specification for Dynamic Configurator, Compliance watcher and Workflow management)

PA7X  | operator@pa7x.nl