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For radio i am QRV on QO-100 with 2 dishes , IC-R8600 as receiver and FT290 + Kuhne Upconvertor to a POTY antenna (3 to 5 watt Power). Also mobile operations on QO100 with Yupiteru 7100 and DX-Patrol up link. Also on DSTAR and DMR daily active. Special interested in satellite and mobile operations. Currently working on full HF mobile system (10 m tower and HF beam TH3MK4)

I am the co-owner of a small mobile home (PLEXAT, a predom refurbished by my friend Ruud PD0RH) which is special tuned for Hamradio Mobile Operation (HAMOP). This summer we already had about 8 times a full day spending on this. 



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