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7XS is the developer of APPS for Android,, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The APPS currently available or working on :


  Click on the picture to download VibroPlex prerelease for Android (Unzip and move the apk file to your Andriod device, there double click on it to Install)

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VibroPlex (Android/iPhone)  Vintage keyer on state of the art equipement, dot and dash by touch the button

 Money$Twister (Android/iPhone)

 Shake your phone and get as much money in the Piggybag
InffoWatcher (Android) Directly log your visited websites and store comments
SunCapp (Windows Phone 8) Measure the Sun intensity with your handphone
7XS App StudioBasic application for database pushmanagement SQLITE
HerMyHere is My APP, for push information real estate and other offers.

  Currently writing a book about apps : How to start your own Apps factory for smarties, who wants to be a dummy ?


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